Writing racist slogans and slashing the tires of vehicles in Jerusalem
March 25, 2019


A group of settlers wrote racist slogans and damaged cars in the neighborhood of "Jabal Al-Masharef" in the city of Jerusalem.

Residents of Jabal Al-Masharef told Wadi Hilweh Information Center that they were surprised on Monday morning to find the tires of their vehicle slashed, as well as racist slogans written on a wall in the area and the gate of a house, saying “revenge…we will not give up the Jewish blood”.

The residents explained that the tires of 28 vehicles were damaged, and the Star of David was painted on one vehicle.

He explained that the vehicles belong to several families, including: Abu Leil, Shank, Odeh and Obeidi.

The Israeli police photographed the vehicles and removed the slogans.

Residents of the neighborhood blamed the Israeli occupation forces for the reoccurrence of such attacks in the region, as the settlers are never punished and their identity is never revealed. This is the third attack on the area in the last five years.