Arrests in the city of Jerusalem
March 27, 2019


On Wednesday morning, the occupation forces launched a series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that the arrests were mainly executed in the villages of Jabal Al-Mukabber, Al-Tur and Esawyeh. Residents of the villages reported that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the houses after surrounding them and executed the arrests.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said that the forces arrested: Mohammed Naji Abu Jom’a, Nayef Wassim Obeid, Mohammed Mashhour, Khalil Sari, Mohammad Mashahra and Hussam Za’tar.

On the other hand, the Israeli police said that they arrested two young men from Jerusalem to investigate them regarding the incident of running over two settlers in the area of Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem.