Silwan- Demolishing a residential room, commercial facilities and a horse farm
April 17, 2019

On Wednesday morning, the Israeli occupation’s bulldozers demolished a residential room, commercial facilities and a horse farm in neighborhood of Wadi Yasoul in Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan reported that a large number of Israeli forces accompanied by bulldozers and municipal crews stormed the neighborhood of Wadi Yasoul in the early morning hours. After deploying in the neighborhood and at its entrances, they proceeded with the demolition of structures belonging to locals.

The center added that the forces pushed and assaulted the people immediately after storming the neighborhood.

A residential room and stores

The center explained that the occupation forces stormed the stores and kitchen of Izz Burqan by force and proceeded to demolish his property without allowing him to take out the contents.

Burqan explained to the Information Center that the stores and the kitchen are dedicated to preparing fish restaurant supplies, and inside the facilities there are refrigerators, special equipment and machines, in addition to vegetables.

He said that the bulldozers demolished a residential room adjacent to commercial facilities which is also considered the entrance to his home.

Burqan said: "The bulldozers demolished the residential room and the retaining walls without the presence of a decision to demolish them, they did not care about the order and insisted on the demolition, pointing out that he tried to implement the demolition with his hand, but the municipal crews did not give him time to do it.

Demolishing a farm

The occupation’s bulldozers also demolished a horse farm owned by Al-Qaq family.

The family explained that the farm was established 5 years ago, built from stones and allocated for horses. It has a total area of 200 square meters.

During the demolition, some fruitful trees and plants were razed.