A series of arrests in the village of Issawyeh...including a girl
May 15, 2019

The Israeli occupation forces arrested on Wednesday early morning a girl and ten Jerusalemites after storming their homes in the village of Issawiya.

The member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that the Israeli forces and intelligence stormed the village of Issawiya, and launched a series of arrests and handed over summons to several young men.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said that the detainees from Issawiya were: Ghadir Amouri, Yaser Darwish, secretary of Fateh movement / Issawiya, Mahmoud Ali Nasser, Fadi Mahmoud, Wael Mohammed Mahmoud, Mansour Mahmoud, Mahmoud Abu Riala, Malik Darwish, and Hussein Abu Rmeileh. He added that the detainees were transferred to "Rooms 4" in Al-Maskobyeh police station.