Funeral procession of Martyr Mohammad Obeid
July 1, 2019


On Monday afternoon, hundreds of Jerusalemites participated in the funeral procession of the Jerusalemite Martyr Mohamad Samir Obeid in the village of Issawiya after the occupation authorities had detained his body for 4 days.

The funeral of Martyr Mohammed Obeid took place in the streets of the village of Issawiya after he was handed over at the eastern entrance of the villages. After his farewell at his family's home, the mourners marched towards Al-Arba’een Mosque, and from there to the cemetery of Issawiya. Palestinian flags as well as those of Palestinian parties were held during the funeral.

After the burial of the Martyr, hundreds of Israeli soldiers stormed the villagefrom all entrances, and were deployed in the neighborhoods. Suddenly, they raided the perimeter of the house of the Martyr, where the women were staying. They prevented the soldiers and stopped them from entering the house.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men and severely beat them. They also detained a young man and beat him severely and then released him.