Pictures- Demolishing 5 commercial stores in Silwan
July 17, 2019

Last Wednesday, the occupation municipality’s bulldozers demolished 5 commercial stores in Abu Tayeh neighborhood in Silwan south of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwan) reported that Israeli bulldozers accompanied by large police and special forces stormed Abu Tayeh neighborhood in the afternoon. They surrounded 5 commercial facilities belonging to Mohammed Hamdan Abbasi after the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition filed by his lawyer against the demolition order.

The center added that the Israeli occupation forces forcibly evicted the people who were near the shops, assaulted and beat them, and arrested Mahdi Hamdan Abbasi after assaulting him.

The center explained that the total area of ​​shops is 250 square meters, which has been in existence for four and a half years, and supports dozens of families. The stores are "restaurant / canteen, carpet and curtain shops, and wood", operated by the Abbasi and the To’ma families.

The center explained that the families started on Wednesday evening unloading all the contents of the shops, after being informed of the final demolition decision, in order to avoid the destruction or confiscation of contents.

Abbasi family went through their lawyers to the Supreme Court in an attempt to freeze the demolition order and to be licensed by the municipality, but their request was rejected.

On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a 900-square-meter commercial barracks owned by Natsheh family in Beit Hanina, as well as a surrounding concrete floor.

Also, a carwash was demolished in the village of Sur Baher, south of Jerusalem, which had an of 400 square meters and has been in place for about 3 months, belonging to the families of Atyeh and Bkeirat.