Details- Injuries, arrests and bullets penetrating homes in Issawiya
July 21, 2019


Violent clashes broke out Sunday evening in the village of Issawiya, between the young men and the occupation forces after they stormed the village to remove and confiscate the Palestinian flags and the banners of the Palestinian factions and the pictures of Martyr Mohammed Samir Obeid.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center pointed out that the clashes were concentrated in Obeid neighborhood and lasted for several hours until midnight. Israeli forces arrested two brothers after they were severely beaten and used live bullets, rubber bullets and sound bombs indiscriminately. They also stormed “Issawiya High School”, and the youths responded by throwing stones and firecrackers at the invading forces, refusing the daily raids and the ongoing collective punishment campaign practiced against the locals of Issawiya for the second consecutive month.

Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that clashes broke out after the storming of the "Issawiya High School" after the removal of locks, to confiscate banners of the Democratic Front and pictures of Martyr Obeid.

He added that the occupation forces suddenly opened fire randomly, targeting buildings and nearby balconies and entrances of building. Live bullets penetrated the windows of a house belonging to the Ajlouni family and damage was clear on the internal walls of the house and some furniture. The rubber bullets also penetrated a house belonging to the family of 'Obeid damaging windows, a TV and a chandelier.

Abu Al-Hummos said that the Israeli forces severely beat Rami Ismat Obeid, 34, and his brother Alaa 36, ​​and sprayed them with pepper spray, as well as using an electric pistol against them knowing that they were standing outside their store.

He added that the Red Crescent crews tried to provide the necessary treatment for the two young men, but the occupation forces prevented and obstructed their work, and tried to storm the ambulance. Then, the forces transferred one of the young men to the police car while unconscious, while assaulted the other while on the strait of the injured.

Abu Al-Hummos also said the occupation forces confiscated his mobile phone to prevent him from documenting events in the village.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said that the Israeli occupation forces prevented the ambulance crew from transferring the injuries from Issawiya. One of the paramedics was wounded by a rubber bullet in the abdomen and was taken to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment. 


In the Old City of Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested Bahjat Al-Razem and Tamer Khalfawi and summoned Mrs. Aida Sidawi.