Arrests and deportations from the village of Issawiya
July 28, 2019

The Israeli occupation forces launched a series of arrests in the village of Issawiya at dawn Sunday.

Mohammed Abu Al-Hummus explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the Israeli occupation forces continued their arrest campaign in the village of Issawiya, as the forces stormed the village at dawn, raided several houses and arrested a number of young men and boys and turned them to investigation.

He added that the forces arrested: Imad Jarrah Nasser, 12, Mohammed Ayman Obeid, Mohammed Adnan Obeid, Samer Anwar Obeid, Mohannad Anwar Obeid, Mohammad Ali Nasser and Shaker Amjad Mustafa.

On the other hand, the occupation authorities deported 6 Jerusalemites from their place of residence in Issawiya. The information center explained that the Israeli occupation authorities expelled Ahmed Zmurod, Ahmad Al-Khdour, Wadi’ Alayan, Malik Mustafa and Naif Obeid from Issawiya for two weeks.

He pointed out that the Israeli authorities have expelled several young men from their place of residence in the village in recent days. This measure is one of the punitive measures for the residents of the village. He pointed out that Nayef Obeid is among those deported knowing that his wife was deported few months ago under the pretext of “illegal presence in Jerusalem”, because she holds a West Bank I.D. despite living in Jerusalem for 16 years. He added that the soldiers arrested the son of Nayef Wassim Obeid yesterday, despite being under house-arrest.

Abu Hummus added that the Israeli occupation authorities continued their "collective punishment" campaign in Issawiya for the second month in a row. Daily raids on the village, distributing demolition notices, executing arrests and detentions, as well as the provocative searches of young people in the streets and the random issuing of fines.