Issawiya- Arrests and summons for children
July 30, 2019

On Tuesday evening, Israeli occupation forces arrested several young men and women from the village of Issawiya, and raided houses to check if youths were abiding by their house-arrest conditions.

Mohammed Abu Hummus, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that the Israeli forces arrested: Sari Raed Jaber, Jum’a Marwan Hamdan, Naif Wassim Obeid, Mahmoud Ramadan Obeid and Abed Abu Saymeh.

The forces also arrested Zakaria Alayan, 48, from his workplace in "Shaare Zedek hospital” and extended his detention until Wednesday.

The Israeli occupation police summoned Qais Obeid, 6, to investigate him with his father. The Israeli occupation forces chased him and tried to arrest him under the pretext of throwing stones, while the child said he threw a "juice box".

The Israeli occupation forces had also summoned the child Mohammed Rabee’ Alayan, 4 years, to investigate him, accompanied by his father. Upon arrival at the interrogation center, the officer refused to let the child enter the center on the pretext of "not being summoned." Leaders and popular figures in the village of Issawiya stressed that the public and media pressure was the reason for canceling the summoning of the child, as the police previously requested Rabee’ Alayan to bring his child to the investigation center.