Arresting three Jerusalemites from Issawiya
August 14, 2019


On Wednesday night, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three Jerusalemites during a raid on the village of Issawiya.

Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the Israeli forces arrested three Jerusalemites from the village, they are: Adham Sabta, Adam Kayed Mahmoud and Mahmoud Awni.

Abu Hummos explained that the Israeli forces stormed Obeid neighborhood in the evening and randomly fired sound grenades.

Assaults did not stop in Issawiya, during the days of Al-AdhaEid, Abu al-Homs said: "Assaults throughout the days of Eid, establishing roadblocks at the entrances to the village and the random issuing of fines and the withdrawal of vehicles’ licenses temporarily, and similar roadblocks in the streets of the village, and the closure of some of the main streets and obstructing the movement of pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, random arrests of young men, raiding a dinner banquet for Masri family and the firing of rubber bullets towards a family memberfrom zero distance.