Pictures: Preventing the Jerusalemites Families League in Burj Al-Laqlaq
August 31, 2019


On Saturday, the Israeli occupation authorities prevented the Jerusalem Families League from being held in the stadium of Burj Al-Laqlaq in the Old City of Jerusalem, under the pretext of being funded from the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli occupation forces and intelligence personnel stormed Burj Al-Laqlaq and the stadium, and took out the participating teams as well as Jerusalemites outside the stadium and closed its doors, and placed the prevention order which is signed by the Minister of Internal Security. 

The Israeli occupation forces arrested the president of Burj Al-Laqlaq Association, Nasser Gheith, the director of the association, Muntaser Dkeidek and the league coordinator Alaa Jamjoom and Khaled Al-Sayyad. They were released later in the evening on condition of not going to Burj Al-Laqlaq for 5 days.

Lawyer Mohannad Jbara explained that the intelligence claimed that the talk was about the same league organized and financed by the Palestinian Authority, which the Minister of Internal Security issued a decision to ban about two weeks ago, despite the removal of slogans and signs relating to the Sports Federation of the Palestinian Authority and despite the cancellation of all speeches that were intended to be delivered in the league's opening ceremony.

Jbara said that the Israeli occupation forces do not want any social sporting activities that increase the interaction and bondingbetween Palestinian families and do not want Palestinian gatherings that may reach thousands inside the Old City of Jerusalem, which disturbs the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, who uses his powers for electoral purposes and to satisfy the extreme right which he is part of. According to Israeli officials, the holding of a football league in the Old City of Jerusalem is a violation of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalemites Families League is held for the third consecutive year, and this year 158 Jerusalemite families were scheduled to participate. The league aims to maintain communication and bonding between families in Jerusalem.

Occupation authorities prevent the organization of the Hijri New Year tournament

In a related context, the Israeli occupation authorities prevented the organization of the Hijri New Year tournament, which was scheduled to be held on Friday at the stadium of Issawiya village in Jerusalem with the participation of 8 Jerusalemites teams. The tournament was to be organized by Issawiya Club and sponsored by “Qudsuna” group for federations and sports and under the supervision of the Palestinian Football Federation.