A wide series of arrests in the village of Issawiya
September 23, 2019

On Monday early morning hours, the Israeli occupation forces arrested dozens of Jerusalemites from the villages of Issawiya and Silwan and transferred them for investigationin the detention centers in Jerusalem.

According to local sources in the village of Issawiya, the Israeli occupation forces arrested dozens of youths and boys, in addition to the delivery of summons for investigation to others from the village.

Local sources added that arrests were executed all around the village. The following have been identified among them:

1. Mohammed Fawzi Obaid

2. Dia’ Ayman Obaid

3. Sufian Nasser Mahmoud

4. Mohamed Nasser Mahmoud

5. Akram Fadi Mustafa

6. Zayed Ajlouni

7. Mahmoud Badawi

8. Mohamed Rajab Obaid

9. Wassim Eyad Dari

10.Basel Mohammed Derbas

11. Qusai Mohammed Derbas

12. Rashad Amjad Nasser

13. Haroon Mohammed Mheisen

14. Wassim Nayef Obaid

15. Hamza Mohammed Nasser

16. Issa Mohammed Nasser

17. Mohammed Abdullah Dari

18. Mahmoud Abdullah Dari

19. Mahmoud Jamal Atyeh

20. Ali Jamal Bader

21. Samir Akram Atyeh

22. Mohamed Adib Abu Hummos

23. Oday Jamal Abu Ali, 11 years old.

The forces also delivered summons to follow up with the intelligence service of the occupation to the child Mahmoud Mohammed Rashad 10 years, and Yazan Naaji; note that he is a student studying abroad.

In Silwan, Wadi Hilweh Information Center reported that the Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by their intelligence, stormed the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh and arrested 3 youths: Alaa Tawfiq Abu Tayeh, Majdi Abu Tayeh and Ishaq Khaled Abu Tayeh.

The center added that the Israeli occupation forces were deployed late in the evening in the neighborhoods of Silwan, and spread in several neighborhoods and randomly issued traffic fines to the locals, in addition to stopping young men and checking their ID cards and subjecting some of them inspection. Afterwards, the forces stormed Abu Tayeh neighborhood and fired rubber bullets indiscriminately.