A series of arrests in the village of Issawiya
October 13, 2019

At dawn Sunday, Israeli occupation forces executed multiple arrests in the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem.


Mohammed Abu Hummos, a member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya village, explained that the Israeli intelligence, accompanied by members of the police and special forces, stormed the neighborhoods of the village, raided several houses, and arrested more than 10 youths, and handed over summons to others.


Abu Hummos added that the forces arrested Khalid Mustafa, Mohammed Ibrahim Darwish, Adam Shafiq Obeid, Mohammed Marwan Obeid, Khalid Walid Obeid, Dia' Ayman Obeid, Hatem Hassan Zmurod, Nadim Safadi, Firas Zghayer, Mutasim Hamza Obeid and Ali Hamdan.


Abu Hummos explained that the campaign of attacks and abuse against the residents of Issawiya continues for the fourth month in a row, where daily incursions into the neighborhoods of the village, the presence of police at its entrances, establishing checkpoints at the entrances and inside the streets, checking identities and suspending vehicles' licenses for varying periods, in addition to daily arrests of children and young men and women and the elderly. The occupation authorities also continue to impose fines on "construction" under the pretext of building without permits, and distribute demolition notices, in addition to imposing fines on the owners of commercial establishments.