Demolishing parts of a residential building under the pretext of proximity to the “security street”
October 15, 2019

Al-Atrash family started demolishing two floors of its residential building in the village of Sur Baher, south of Jerusalem.

Hamada Hamada, head of Wadi al-Hummos neighborhood committee, explained that Mohammed Al-Atrash started demolishing parts of his under-construction residential building by a decision of the Israeli Supreme Court, under the pretext of its proximity to the "security street" in the area.

Hamada added that Al-Atrash started demolishing two floors of the building, although the building is located in an area classified as "A" and has building permits from the Ministry of Local Government.

The Israeli occupation authorities have been pursuing the residents for nearly three years with demolition orders under the pretext of "proximity to the security street", which is a street surrounded by barbed wires and electronic probes. According to the occupation authorities, construction is prohibited within 250 meters of the fence for security measures.