Clashes and arrests in the village of Issawiya
October 22, 2019


On Tuesday early morning, the Israeli occupation forces arrestedseveral young men after breaking into their homes in the village of Issawiya in Jerusalem, while violent clashes broke out between the forces and the youths in the streets of the village.

The activist and member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya Mohammed Abu Al-Hummosexplained that violent clashes continued until after midnight in the village, during which large teams of special forces, officers, police and undercover police and intelligence personnel deployed in the streets and neighborhoods of the village, especially the center and near Al-Arba’een mosque.

He added that the Israeli occupation forces fired live bullets, rubber bullets and sound grenades during the clashes, while the young men responded by throwing Molotov cocktails and firecrackers.

He added that the Israeli forces arrested a group of young men after storming their homes.

According to local sources, the forces arrested: Mohammed Bassam Obeid, Mohammed Walid Obeid, Mohammed Zakaria Alayan, Nour Maher Mheisen, Abed Thaer Mahmoud, Ahmed Abu Roumi, Hussam Alayan, Wadi’Alayan and RamezKhater.