Arresting 3 boys from the village of Issawiya 
November 4, 2019

On Monday evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 boys from Mheisen neighborhood in al-Issawiya town.

Mohammed Abu al-Hummoss, a member of the follow-up committee in Issawiya, said that the Israeli occupation forces arrested the boys: Omar Mahmoud, Ismail Mheisen, and Wasim Dari from the village, during the storming and deployment in the streets.

 Abu al-Hummos added that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village, deployed in its streets in a provocative manner and then randomly fired grenades which led to the injury of many residents with suffocation.

The committees of Issawiya called for a protest tomorrow against the campaign of abuse and attacks on the people of the village.=

The committee of parents in Issawiya confirmed the continuation of the strike in all schools in the village, which was announced last Saturday, until achieving a safe environment for students of Issawiya, and protect them from intrusions, assaults and arrests, the latest of which was the arrest of student Saleh al-Tawil from inside his school "Issawiya Boys" and assault on the principal, the guard and the students last Saturday morning.