Arresting 4 Jerusalemite boys
December 1, 2019

Last Sunday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 4 Jerusalemite boys after storming their houses in the city.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the Israeli occupation forces arrested Ahmed Khalil Kleib, 12, and his brother Mohammed, 16, and transferred them to the police station in Salah El-Din Street in Jerusalem.

At noon, Israeli occupation forces arrested 16-year-old Mustafa Eyad Ghazaleh and 15-year-old Mus'ab Ghazaleh.

Ghazaleh family said that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the house and assaulted the residents including "Mus’ab and Mustafa" during the arrest.

The Magistrate Court extended the arrest of Mo'men Abbasi, Alaa Mohammed Abbasi, Hatem Jaber Abbasi, Mus'ab Mahmoud Abbasi and Nu'man Wazwaz untilThursday. During Sunday’s hearing, a prosecutor’s permit was presented in order to file indictments against them. The information center explained that the occupation authorities carried out a series of arrests last week.