Family of Martyr of Abu Nab: The occupation authorities continue to hide the facts and evidence, and the state of the body reveals parts of it
December 25, 2019


Although a month and a half has passed since the martyrdom of the Jerusalemite, Faris Bassam Abu Nab, the mystery remains surrounding the circumstances of his martyrdom, after he was shot near the tunnel checkpoint, south of Jerusalem.

Bassam Abu Nab - the father of the martyr - explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan that he assigned a lawyer to follow up the case of shooting his son and investigating all its aspects, stressing that he continue to search for the truth of what had happened to his son, and uncover it, and to hold the perpetratoraccountable and punish them.

Abu Nab said: “AbuKbeir Institute of Forensic Medicine refuses, to this day, to give me the results of the autopsy, and I did not receive the initial or final report, and he told me that it was transferred to the Police Investigation Unit (Mahash), and when I headed to the police and asked the official,he first denied and then refused to provide any information".

Abu Nab added that the condition of his son's body revealed part of what he had been subjected to as he was killed "in cold blood", because the bullets were in the upper part of the body, in the heart, chest, head, and neck, and the signs of assault were clear on his head from the back and lower back, as if he was dragged to the ground, in addition to dislocating his elbow, and all this refuted the occupation’s narration that only his feet were shot, which appeared without any bullets.”

Abu Nab continued, "From the moment I learned about the accident, the occupation police told me that theyopened fire at the vehicle from the rear on the pretext that it was" illegal", and after minutes I found the car by chance parked in the parking lot of Al-Maskobyeh in West Jerusalem, and it had no sign of any bullets, and after examination and investigation it was found that it was legal."

Abu Nab wondered: "Where are the surveillance cameras at the military checkpoint, and why did the Israeli media present a report on the incident with representative scenes?" He called for the disclosure of the cameras' recordings on the day of the incident.

He said: "Theoccupation forces have no right to kill anyone, whatever the reason, and they can use the non-lethal electric weapon to arrest him."

Abu Nab pointed to his pursuit and his family by the occupation authorities recently, of storming the house, assaulting and arresting them, explaining that during the interrogation of his three children last week, the interrogator told them: "Why do you say we killed your brother, the accident occurred in the West Bank. We don’t have anything to do with it, and don’t talk too much about this incident…it was a mistake and it happened."

The Martyr’s mother confirmed that her son was committed to his work and said: "Faris was killed in cold blood, and he used his car to do delivery services and was working in cleaning restaurants and usually worked until after midnight. On the day of his martyrdom, he wore his clothes as usual and went out to work."

The family confirmed that they would follow-up the case of their son’s martyrdom until the truth is revealed, and that they would remain steadfast in Jerusalem despite the abuse and prosecutions they are subjected to.

The Israeli occupation soldiers opened fire on Faris Abu Nab who is a resident of Silwan, on 17/11/2019, at the tunnel checkpoint, south of Jerusalem, and his body was released to his family after three days of detention.