Occupation authorities impose nightly house-arrest on youths from Issawiya
January 2, 2020


The occupation authorities imposed a night detention order on 5 Jerusalemite youths from the village of Issawiya, on the pretext of posing danger to state security.

The activist and member of the Issawiya Follow-up Committee, Mohammad Abu Al-Hummos, explained that the occupation forces stormed the village at dawn, and handed over orders to 5 young men signed by the "Commander of the Internal Front in the Occupation Army", to impose nightly house detention on them on the pretext of "participation in confrontations inside the village and their threat to state security".

Abu Al-Hummos added that the decisions were based on the British emergency law in 1945, noting that nightly house detention is from 8 pm until six in the morning, "according to what was stated in the decision."

He explained that the decisions were handed over to: Anwar Sami Obaid and Mohammad Alayan for 4 months, Mohammad Musa Mustafa for 3 months, Fayez Mohammad Mheisen and Adam Kayed Mahmoud for two months.

Abu Al-Hummos added that the occupation intelligence had delivered summonses to three other young men from the village, who were not in their homes, to hand them the decisions of the night house-arrest.