Silwan- The occupation forces arrest the father of two Jerusalemite detainees and injures him
March 2, 2020

The occupation forces arrested the father of two Jerusalemite detainees, after he was beaten inside his house in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center / Silwan explained that the occupation forces stormed the house of Jawdat Abu Sneineh in Ras Al-Amoud and arrested him after he was severely beaten. During the arrest, he was woundedin his head and face.

On this matter, Umm Anas Abu Sneineh - the owner of the house - explained that the forces stormed her house, and gave her several minutes to open the door after threatening to detonate it, knowing that she was alone inside the house, and she said: "I opened the door, and the forces quickly surrounded me, detained meand forced me to sit after twisting my arm. My husband came to the house, returning from a nearby store, to which he went, shortly before the storming."

She added: "The soldiers attacked my husband as soon as he entered the house, and put him on the ground, and started beating and kicking him on the head and chest, without reason, and he was wounded with various injuries and was arrested despite his pain."

Abu Sneineh explained that the forces arrested her son Malik about two weeks ago after storming and blowing the door of the house, and has been under investigation since that time in “cells 20”, and pointed out that her son Anas is serving a five-year prison sentence in the occupation’s prisons.

On the other hand, the occupation forces arrested Mohammad Sarandah, after he was chased in the area of Herods Gate in Jerusalem.

The forces also arrested a young man after storming his home in the neighborhood of Wadi Al-Joz in Jerusalem.