Occupation forces storm the village of Issawiya and arrest two young men…extensions of arrest…releases
March 7, 2020


On Saturday evening, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two young men from the village of Issawiya, after storming and besieging the village and establishing checkpoints at its entrances and in the streets.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the occupation forces arrested Yazan Obaid and Munir Alayan.

The residents of the village explained that the occupation forces had deployed within the neighborhoods of Issawiya since the afternoon hours, and randomly fired grenades, and deliberatelydirected them towards the neighborhood's homes.

The occupation forces also closed the entrances of Issawiya village, and prevented locals from entering or leaving, then subjected the vehicles to inspection before being allowed to leave.

The occupation’s court extended the arrest of the youths Mohammad Najib and Hisham Bashiti until Tuesday, while Mustafa Abu Sneineh and Mohammad Abu Sneineh were released. The occupation forces had arrested them along with Fouad Shawish and Issa Ferawi late Friday night.