Arresting 13 Jerusalemite from Silwan 
May 11, 2020


On Monday evening, the occupation forces arrested 13 Jerusalemites from the town of Silwan.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center/ Silwan explained that members of the police, disguised in civilian clothes, "undercover", and members of the police arrested 13 Jerusalemites from the Central Neighborhood of the town, including 4 minors.

 The center's lawyer for minors, Mohammed Mahmoud, explained that the detainees were transferred to Salah Al-Din Street Police Station for investigaon on suspicion of "throwing stones and firecrackers."

Lawyer Mahmoud - who visited the detainees at the investigation center - stated that the detainees were beaten during their detention, which resulted in various bruises and scratches.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that the detainees are: Ali Jaber, Yazan Jaber, Amir Jaber, Wissam Karakari, Ahmed Shwayat, David Al Taweel, Qusay Abu Nab, Mohammad Abu Nab, Mohammad Abu Nab, Mohammad Abdul Rahman, Mohammad Jaber, Muntasir Abu Nab, Omar Al-Zaghal and Amir Abdul Rahman.