Assaulting and arresting a girl and her brother from the village of Issawiya 
May 13, 2020

 The occupation forces assaulted, on Wednesday evening, 3 members of the Mhisen family, with beating, and pushing while they were at a petrol station at the entrance to the village of Issawiya.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the occupation forces arrested Aya Mheisen and her brother Ali Mheisen, after they beat and dragged them on the ground, and they also assaulted their and pushed her to prevent her from approaching them.

The family explained that the forces initially attacked Ali while he was going to buy from the petrol station, and when his sister Aya tried to reach him to find out the reason for the assault and why the forces surrounded him, they dragged her on the ground and beat her.

The family added that Ali and Aya were detained by the occupation forces inside a private military vehicle, and Aya was forced to sit on the vehicle’s floor despite the wounds she sustained during the arrest.

The forces transferred the brothers Ali and Aya to Salah al-Din Police Station for interrogation.