Details- An autistic Jerusalemite murdered by the occupation forces
May 30, 2020


Eyad Khairy Al-Hallaq, 32, a young man, was martyred on Saturday, by the Israeli occupation soldiers, when he was heading to his school “Al-Bakriya / Alwin for Special Education” in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Al-Hallaqfamily described what happened with their son as "murder with cold blood... injustice and abuse against people with special needs," as he suffers from autism.

An eyewitness explained that the occupation soldiers were chasing the young man in the road to Lions Gate, specifically “Al-Mujahideen Road", and during that the young man hid near a place designated for garbage collection, and the soldiers opened fire towards him.

The occupation police claimed that the police officers who were present at lions Gate asked the young man to stop after suspecting him to carry a pistol. The young mandid not obey orders, and they shot him, and it was later revealed that he had nothing.

Preliminary investigation conducted by the Police Investigation Unit (Mahash) revealed that a member of the borders police continued to fire on the martyr Al-Hallaq while he was lying on the ground, despite receiving orders from his commander to stop.

Lawyer Jad Al-Qadmani stated that the investigation department started investigating the police who shot the young man, Eyad Al-Hallaq, while the authorities continued to detain his body.

The martyr's mother explained that her son suffers from autism, and he went out as usual in the morning from his home to his school, which is located at King Faisal Gate - a few meters away from the place of his execution - as his mother says.

She added: “Eyad does not interact with others, nor does he speak to anyone. He is kind, affectionate, and an angel ... When he told me that he would go to school in the morning, I asked him to take his I.D. card and show it to the soldiers if they stopped him and that he should not be scared... because of his illness he is afraid of others."

The family suggested that the soldiers asked Eyad to stop, but he did not understand them, so he feared and fled. The mother said: "Eyad had nothing but his identity and his wallet. How can he have a weapon! This is an excuse for killing him."

His mother said: "I just want to pray to my son in Al-Aqsa before burying him."

Intelligence and occupation forces stormed the house of the Martyr, and searched it about an hour after he was shot.