Al-Tur…Occupation forces arrest three brothers…assault and beating
June 15, 2020


On Monday morning, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 3 brothers from the Al-Za’tari family, and one of them was severely beaten while being arrested from a house in Al-Tur village.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center stated that the intelligence and occupation forces stormed the house of Al-Za’tari family in the village of Al-Tur, and arrested Jamal after assaulting him and his family members, and also arrested his two brothers, Ahmed and Mohammad, in front of the Al-Maskobyeh police station after they headed to the place.

The Za’tari family explained that the occupation forces stormed their house at about six in the morning, and they were surprised by the forces in the middle of their house saying “police…police”. Jamal came out of his room in a hurry to find out what was going on, asking them not to enter bedrooms because of the presence of his mother and sister, and obstructed to the way they entered without ringing the bell. The soldiers responded with beating him, and detained him in one of the corners of the house, continuously insulting him.

The family added that the forces also assaulted and beat Jamal's mother and sister in front of him.

The family explained that the forces arrested Jamal without allowing him to wear his shoes, noting that he was preparing himself to go out to work.

The occupation forces also arrested Mohammad Abu Jum’a and Sari Abu Al-Hawa, from Al-Tur village.