The occupation authorities deport a freed prisoner’s wife from Jerusalem under the pretext of “illegal presence in the city”
June 24, 2020

On Tuesday, the occupation authorities deported the wife of the freed Palestinian prisoner, Ahmed Abu Ghazaleh, from the city of Jerusalem, on the pretext of "illegal presence in the city because she holds the identity of the West Bank."

The freed prisoner was surprised on Tuesday by arresting his wife and referring her to an investigation at Al-Qishleh police station. He was then informed of a decision to deport her from the city of Jerusalem because illegally staying in the city.

The freed prisoner, Abu Ghazaleh, explained that the occupation intelligence threatened him several time to deport him from the city of Jerusalem, ban him from traveling, and deporting his wife from the city, after he completed his 3-year prison sentence. 

He said: "Since I was released from prison 13 months ago, I have been expelled from Al-Aqsa twice (4 months and 6 months), and today my wife is deported from Jerusalem, and she is forbidden to enter and live in her home with her four children."

Abu Ghazaleh added that his wife took their son Omar, 5 months old, and Taqi, 6 years old, with her to Ramallah, while Abdullah, 10, and Mohammad, 8, stayed with him.