A series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem
July 1, 2020

The occupation forces launched, at dawn Wednesday, a series of arrests against 11 Jerusalemites, after storming and searching their homes in several towns and neighborhoods in the city.

The lawyer for the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the arrest argument is "a violation of the law of implementation by working for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem."

The detainees are:

1. Akram Salaymeh

2. Mohammad Khalil Amira

3. Jawad Joudeh

4. Mohammad Khweis

5. Walid Al-Sayyad

6. Ehab Abu Sbitan

7. Ahmed Mahania

8. Alaa Abu Al Hawa

9. Mohammad Obaid

10. Raed Ashhab

11. Ahmed Abu Al-Rub

The forces also arrested Bassam Ghaith and Ashraf Ghaith from the neighborhood of Al-Thori in Silwan, and Oday Al-Shaer from the village of Al-Tur.