Shkeirat family self-demolishes its home in Jabal Al-Mukabber…A decision to demolish two apartments in Sur Baher
August 7, 2020

On Friday evening, the family of Sbeih Shkeirat self-demolished their two-story building in Jabal Mukabber, south of Jerusalem, under the pretext of building without a permit.

Two days ago, the family began emptying its property and dismantling the roofs and poles, and in the evening hours it was demolished with a bulldozer by a decision of the occupation courts.

The family’s property consists of two floors, with an area of 160 square meters. The family tried five years ago to license the property and was able to delay and freeze the demolition, until the court issued its final decision to demolish it.

Nihad Shkeirat explained that the municipality refused to postpone the demolition in July 2019, and in April a session was held and the municipality imposed a fine of 145,000 shekels on the family, and the demolition decision was confirmed.

He added that the period for demolishing the house ended on 7/7/2020, and the family then went to the District Court to appeal the decision, but it was rejected, and they were given one month to carry out the self-demolition, otherwise the municipality will do so.

On the other hand, the two brothers Bilal and Mohammad Dabash emptied the contents of their building in the village of Sur Baher, after the municipality issued a decision to demolish it.

Bilal Dabash explained that the municipality issued a final demolition order on 27/7/2020 and gave the family 21 days to empty the house.

Dabash added that the building has an area of 280 square meters, which has been in place for 5 years, and a fine of 280,000 shekels was imposed on the family.