Jabal Al-Mukabber…The injury of a young man and demolishing a residential building
August 18, 2020

Mohammad Muammar Abu Usba’, 24, was wounded by Israeli bullets during the demolition of a residential building in Jabal Al-Mukabber village, south of Jerusalem.

Abu Usba’ arrived at Al-Maqased Hospital in a difficult health condition, after the occupation forces targeted him with a bullet that hit the area between the chest and the abdomen, and he immediately entered the operating room. The hospital subsequently announced that his health condition was stable, and he is currently lying in the intensive care unit.

Mohammad’s family explained that the occupation forces stormed the village to demolish a residential building, and during the gathering of the people, the forces randomly opened fire, wounding their son.

The occupation forces stormed Al-Maqased Hospital, in an attempt to arrest the wounded Abu Usba’, while he was in the operating room.

Demolition of a residential building

The occupation municipality's bulldozers demolished anunder-construction residential building belonging to three brothers from the Ja’abees family.

The family explained that the bulldozers of the Israeli municipality stormed the residential building and began the process of demolishing it, ahead of the court session scheduled in ten hours, "i.e., only a few hours before the demolition."

The family added that it began construction about 10 months ago, and was able to freeze and postpone the demolition decision, and began licensing procedures.