An urgent petition to the Supreme Court about the file of the Martyr Iyad Al-Hallaq
September 23, 2020

On Tuesday, a team of lawyers filed an urgent petition to the Supreme Court to force the "Mahash" police investigation unit to make its decision immediately and without any delay regarding the case of Martyr Al-Hallaq, after nearly four months have passed since the martyrdom of the young man. Until now, the Mahash has not made a decision on the investigation of police officers suspected of murder.

The defense team of the Martyr Al-Hallaq confirmed in a statement that the late martyr was a person with special needs - was killed in cold blood by the Israeli security forces on 30/5/2020, and that the crime of killing him is full-fledged and requires the arrest of the perpetrators and bringing them to trial without any delay.

The team consisting of lawyers Khaled Zabarqa, Medhat Dibeh, Ramzi Kateelat and Hamza Qutteineh added, following the urgent request filed by the team of lawyers, after they were assigned to the file on 23/7/2020, that the Mahash should conduct a comprehensive investigation and take an immediate decision to prosecute those responsible. On August 27, 2020, the Mahashconducted additional investigation by the reenactment of the crime, although this procedure should have been done by the investigation unit long before that.

The team added that despite the cruelty of this crime and the completion of the investigation file with all its essential procedures, the Mahash investigation unit has not taken any decision to date, contrary to the basic principles of law that require immediate investigation and speedy trial procedures in order to achieve criminal justice, and it has even exceeded, surprisingly and questioningly, the provisions of the law in this matter.