They were given until the beginning of May to vacate their homes - the District Court dismissed the appeal of 4 families from Sheikh Jarrah
February 15, 2021


On Monday evening, the District Court rejected the appeal submitted by 4 families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, demanding an end to their eviction from their homes in the neighborhood, for the benefit of the settlers.

The families ’lawyer, Sami Arshid, told the Wadi Hilweh Information Center - Jerusalem, that the District Court issued its decision on Monday evening, a week after the hearing of the appeal submitted by the people of the neighborhood. The decision was to reject the appeal filed against the decision of the Magistrate Court to evict the families of Iskafi, Kurd, Ja’ouni and Al-Qasem from their homes for the benefit of settlers, and the families were given until the 2ndof May to implement the eviction decisions.

The families’ lawyer, Sami Arshid, added that Jewish entities claim ownership of the land on which the residents’ properties are located in the “Karam al-Ja’ouni” neighborhood in Sheikh Jarrah, and it was registered in 1972, and the Magistrate’s Court had issued an eviction decision against the aforementioned families last October, and the families submitted an appeal to the District Court which was rejected on Monday. The families intend to go to the Supreme Court to file an appeal again.

lawyerArshid explained that the residents of the “Karam al-Ja’ouni neighborhood” in Sheikh Jarrah have been living in their homes since 1956, according to an agreement between the Jordanian government represented by the “Ministry of Construction and Development” and UNRWA, to provide housing for 28 refugee families in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in exchange for giving up their relief cards, and one of the conditions was "to pay a symbolic rent, provided that the property will be authorized for housing after 3 years, but this has not been done."

Several years after the occupation of Jerusalem, the Jewish authorities began to pursue the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and demand that they vacate their homes on the pretext of "ownership of the land."