The arrest of four young men from Abu Dees
October 4, 2013

The Israeli forces arrested four young men from the village of Abu Dees on Friday night, and dozens of locals suffocated during the violent clashes that broke out in the village. Among the detainees was Jihad Alayan who was arrested after the Israeli forces raided his home in Abu Dees; the forces also broke into two other houses to go on top of the roofs. The Musta’ribin (undercover unit) arrested three young men from the area where the Separation Wall was partially demolished. The Musta’ribin broke into the area using a white GMC while the young men were demolishing part of the Wall in the area. The Israeli forces heavily fired sound and gas bombs along with rubber bullets towards the young men and the houses in the village of Abu Dees; they also fired some towards the University’s campus which led to the burning of two trees; the paramedics used a small fire extinguisher to put off the fire. The young men threw Molotov cocktails towards a military vehicle that was behind the Wall (on the Jerusalem side) and were able to burn parts of it. Clashes also broke out between the young men and the occupation forces in the area of Ras Kasbah between Bethany and Abu Dees.