Extending the arrest of six Jerusalemites and releasing a boy and a young man after completing his sentence
October 14, 2013

The Israeli Magistrate court extended on Sunday the arrest of six Jerusalemites and released one child. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Samah Sarhan, and Mohammad Ali Sarhan until Monday on condition of releasing them without being presented to court; note that they were arrested on Sunday after the Israeli forces raided their homes in Silwan. The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Ghateet until Monday. He added that the judge decided to release the child Mohammad Afif Abulhawa on Sunday at 9 p.m. on condition of house arrest for two days and a third-party bail. He explained that the judge extended the arrest of Imad Abbasi and Hamzeh Abbasi until next Thursday and young man Ashraf Abbasi until next Sunday. In a related matter, the administration of Beer Sheva prison released Mohammad Abu Tayeh on Sunday after completing his 7-month sentence. Mohammad turned himself in last April in order to sever the time he was sentenced on charges of throwing stones and firecrackers, assaulting the Musta’ribin (undercover) unit and police and obstructing their work, inciting young men, raising the Palestinian flag and the “No God but Allah” flag last November. Abu Tayeh explained that the prison’s administration is trying to delay the release of prisoners through disrupting the implementation of the law to reduce the duration of detaining prisoners. Abu Tayeh warned that “security” prisoners are being allocated in criminal prisoners rooms and said: “the prison’s administration aims at discharging prisoners from their national and cultural content and therefore turning them from prisoners that defend the case and country into drug-addicts and robbers.”

محمد ابو تايه

محمد أبو تايه