Mu’ath Shallodi…house arrest and isolation!!!
October 28, 2013

The 14-year old boy Mu’ath Shallodi has been under house arrest since the beginning of the current month. Mu’ath has also been prevented from going to his school in Sur Baher under the pretext of “posing a threat to the State’s security.” Mu’ath who was released nearly a month ago said: “House arrest is even worse. I was released but really I am still under arrest since I can’t step outside the house door and I am staying away from my house and my family.” Mu’ath was released after paying a 3000-NIS bail and signing a third-party bail of 5000 NIS. He was arrested during the clashes that broke out on the 24th of September to condemn the violation of Al-Aqsa sanctity and he was charged with throwing stones at an “Egged” bus and endangering the lives of settlers. Mu’ath, who is a resident of the neighbourhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan, explained that the judge released him on condition of open house arrest and sending him away from Silwan, and that he is currently staying at his uncle’s house in Al-Tur. He pointed out that his lawyer tried to obtain a permit from the judge to allow him to go to school but the judge refused and he also attempted to obtain a permit to allow Mu’ath to join his family in Al-Adha Holiday but the judge also refused and insisted on the open house arrest that is imposed on him because the so-called “conduct officer” has not released his report yet. Mu’ath explained that the next hearing session will be on the 5th of next month.