Demolishing a residential building in Beit Hanina for Qirresh family
October 30, 2013

The Jerusalem municipality bulldozers demolished on Wednesday morning a residential building that belongs to Qirresh family in the neighbourhood of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem under the pretext of building without a permit. Large Israeli forces that included police individuals, borders police and Special Forces suddenly raided the neighbourhood of Beit Hanina and surrounded the building that was demolished without the knowledge of the owners; the demolition process started at 09:15 a.m. Ayman Qirresh explained that municipality crews broke into the building without prior notice; note that they never received any demolition notice regarding the building. He explained that the building consists of 3 floors where the first floor has 4 commercial stores and 3 apartments. A young man from the family of Abu Sara lives in one of the apartments, the owner of the building and his wife and four children live in another. The second floor has two apartments while the third is still under construction; note that they started building almost a year ago. Qirresh added that the forces gave them only five minutes to empty the furniture from both apartments and they were only able to get the furniture of the living room from the apartment of Mansour Abu Sara, and the forces then forced them to evacuate the building and proceeded with the demolition process. Ayman Qirresh appealed for President Mahmoud Abbas to pay attention to the issues of construction and demolishing houses and displacing residents in the city of Jerusalem as well as the prisoners case. Mansour Abu Sara who got married just last Friday said: “they broke the front door and violently broke in my apartment, evacuated me and my wife using force and only allowed us to take her gold and the living room furniture.”  

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