Arresting a young man after running over a policeman
October 31, 2013

The Israeli police released on Thursday night 43-year old Younes Abulhawa after unintentionally hitting an Israeli police man near Harrods gate in Jerusalem. An eyewitness said that an unintentional accident happened between Abulhawa and the police man as Abulhawa was driving his car in Sultan Suleiman Street and the police man suddenly appeared in front of Abulhawa and he hit him and knocked him on the ground. Witnesses also said that the police assaulted the young man and severely beat him, and then took him to Salah Eddin Street police station; he was then released after making sure that the accident was unintentional. وأضاف الشهود ان الشرطة قامت بالاعتداء على الشاب ابو الهوى بالضرب المبرح، ثم اقتادته الى مخفر شرطة صلاح الدين، وافرج عنه بعد التاكد بأن الحادث غير متعمد. حادث سير 1 حادث سير 2 حادث سير 4 حادث