Clashes using hands and arrests inside Al-Aqsa courtyards
December 1, 2013

Clashes using hands broke out between a group of extremists and dozens of Marabouts in Al-Aqsa after the extremists had practiced their religious rituals inside the courtyards of Al-Aqsa on occasion of the Israeli holiday “Hanukkah.” Witnesses said that nearly 50 extremists broke into Al-Aqsa into two groups through Dung Gate. The second group which consisted of 23 settlers practiced their religious rituals near Al-Rahmeh Gate and were confronted by dozens of Marabouts and Al-Aqsa students (Masateb). The police hurried to protect the settlers by evacuating them through Lions Gate. Witnesses added that a force from the Special Forces broke into Al-Aqsa and arrested one of Al-Awqaf employees, Jad Allah Al-Ghoul, five young men and two women and assaulted the Marabouts by hitting them with batons. Also, 35 individuals from the Israeli Intelligence forces broke into Al-Aqsa through Al-Silsileh Gate and made a tour into its courtyards.   اشتباكات داخل الاقصى اشتباكات اعتقال الغول قوات مستوطنون.