Extremists assault Ayman Ismaeel Abbasi “Abeesan”
December 31, 2013

Several extremists assaulted 29-year old Ayman Ismaeel Abbasi “Abeesan” and injured him with bruises and severe wounds in his head. Ayman’s brother, Mohammad Abbasi, said that 8 extremists attacked his brother while he was driving his taxi near the central station in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem and threw stones at the vehicle. When he pulled over to check his car, they ran away and he tried to follow them and called the police to inform them of the assault. Afterwards, another settler hit him on his head with an empty bottle which made him lose consciousness. He added that the ambulance transferred him to the hospital while he was unconscious, and after being treated he woke up and narrated what happened with him knowing that he will stay in the hospital because of suffering from a concussion.