An Israeli policeman raids a mourning house in Silwan and threatens to arrest some of the mourners
January 1, 2014

An Israeli policeman along with a settler raided the mourning house of Haj Jom’a Rweidi on Wednesday night in Al-Ein Street in Silwan. Ala’ Rweidi explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that an Israeli settler was walking in Al-Ein Street and had two children with him. Upon passing near the mourning house, three girls were on top of the roof of the house and were throwing empty cans of Cola towards the dumpster. He added: “one of the settlers’ guards came along with the settler who claimed that he was hit with the cans.” He also said: “we were surprised when the settler came four times near the mourning house and had pulled up his shirt to show us his gun. He then brought a policeman who checked the IDs of several young men and threatened to arrest some of them.”