The Israeli forces raid Al-Quds University and injure dozens with suffocation
January 22, 2014

 More than 100 Palestinians were injured on Wednesday during the violent clashes that broke out in the town of Abu Dis as the Israeli forces broke into the buildings and colleges of Al-Quds University. A force from the Israeli soldiers raided the town in the early morning hours to install barbed wires on the Separation Wall across from the University and established mobile checkpoints on the main street in order to detain citizens. Clashes broke out between the forces and the young men and then spread to the campus of the University after the forces stormed into it using force. The forces surrounded the students and employees inside the buildings of the university for more than two hours. They raided the campus through the main gate after heavily firing grenades towards the guards and withdrew after more than two hours.  They broke in again after the barbed wires were taken off and dozens of students and employees suffocated during the clashes that broke out including a pregnant employee; several Palestinians were injured with rubber bullets. The commercial stores closed down after being targeted by the Israeli forces and the Local Council in Abu Dis was also targeted and was hit with several gas bombs.