Prisoner Obaida Is’eed announces an open hunger strike
January 28, 2014

The 16-year old prisoner Obaida Amer Is’eed announced an open hunger strike on Tuesday to protest against transferring him to “Ofek” prison for civil provisions. The prisoner’s father explained that the prison’s administration transferred his son on Tuesday to “Ofek” prison from Al-Maskobyeh west of Jerusalem, and according to the information   available to the family their son refused to go into “Ofek” prison but was forced by the forces to get inside his room and right away he announced an open hunger strike in order to be moved to the “security prisons”. Obaida was arrested along with his 13-year old brother Othman on the 25th of November, 2013 and were both charged with throwing Molotov cocktails at a police car in Jerusalem. Othman was released with a financial bail and house arrest conditions while Obaida was denied to be released by the public prosecution. Obaida was previously arrested and spent 5 months in Hasharon prison.