The Israeli forces suppress the welcoming of two prisoners and injure six Jerusalemites
June 1, 2014

The Israeli forces suppressed on Sunday night the welcoming of the two Jerusalemite prisoners, Ammar Aal Ammar Husari and Ahmad Abu Farha, by firing sound grenades and pepper gas. Witnesses said that dozens of the locals of the Old City organized a welcoming ceremony for the two Jerusalemite prisoners after they were released from the Israeli prisons. The ceremony initiated from Al-Aqsa Mosque and was heading towards the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem. Upon arrival at Al-Wad Street, the Israeli forces surrounded the participants and fired sound grenades and sprayed them with pepper gas. Two children were injuring during the suppression in which one of them was injured with shrapnel of a sound grenade in his leg and was transferred to the hospital, and the other was injured with pepper gas. Four other young men were also injured and the Israeli forces arrested the young man Mahmoud Abdellatif.