Extending the arrest of six Jerusalemites and releasing four others
June 9, 2014

The Magistrate court judge extended on Monday the arrest of six Jerusalemites and released four others with financial bails and on conditions of house arrest. Mohammad Mahmoud, Al-Dameer organization lawyer, said that the Magistrate court judge extended the arrest of Walid Atyeh and Yassin Suboh from the village of Esawyeh until 11/06/2014 on charges of throwing stones; note that they were arrested on Monday early morning after raiding their homes in the village. Hamed Obeid was also presented to the Magistrate court judge who scheduled a sentencing session for him on 14/07/2014. Lawyer Mohammad pointed out that his file has been transferred from the “adults” to the “minors” since he was accused of the charges when he was less than 18 years old. In a related matter, the District court overturned on Monday the Magistrate court’s decision regarding the detention of the child Mohammad Jaber for 5 months and ordered to detain him for 150 hours only. The judge also extended the arrest of Yousef Haleisi until Wednesday to submit an indictment against him; note that Yousef was assaulted by the settlers of “Price Tag” in Silwan when the locals of Silwan confronted the settlers who broke into their neighbourhood and sprayed the Haleisi family with pepper gas. The Magistrate judge extended on Monday the arrest of Louai Sarandah until completing all the legal procedures against him; note that the judge held a session on Sunday to discuss the conditions of releasing Louai which he had set and in case the financial bail is not paid then he will be arrested until completing the legal procedures. The District court judge decided on Sunday to release Mohammad Dari from the village of Esawyeh with a bail of 10 thousand NIS and house arrest in addition to isolating him to his brother’s house in Al-Tur and a third-party bail of 25 thousand NIS. The judge also extended the arrested of Mohammad Firawi until 12/06/2014. The lawyer of the International movement to defend children, Ziad Hidmi, said that the Magistrate court judge released on Sunday Mohammad Abu Hummos, Daoud Atyeh and Ayoub Abu Asab with a 750-NIS bail and house arrest for 14 days with the possibility of going to the school.