The police close the headquarters of Al-Quds Development Organization in Jerusalem
June 24, 2014

The Israeli police closed on Wednesday afternoon Al-Quds Development Organization in Jerusalem under the pretext that it is part of Hamas movement and conducts activities of the movement. The police raided Al-Dar Mall in Salah Eddin Street and hung the closure order on the organization’s door; note that the inspector general of police, Yohnan Danyon, signed the order. Lawyer Khaled Zabarqa, director of the organization, told Al-Aqsa Heritage and Waqf Institution: “the closure comes in the context of the occupation harassing Jerusalemites in the city of Jerusalem and aims at stripping Jerusalemites of the pillars of their steadfastness and fortitude.” He added that it is obvious that Al-Quds Development Organization is doing an outstanding works in reducing the suffering of Palestinians from the occupation and it is also clear that the organization’s activities obstruct and impede the schemes and projects of the Judaization of the city and the displacement of its people. Mr. Ahmad Jbareen, head of Al-Quds Development Organization, said that we deny the false and fabricated and ridiculous allegations contained in the closure order that was said by the inspector general of police since the organization has been and will continue working in the benefit of our local Jerusalemites and that this matter indicates the narrow-mindedness of the occupation and its near demise.