“Dandara” group in France to present artistic shows
June 26, 2014

“Dandara” group from Madaa Silwan Creative Center left the country last Wednesday’s night to present artistic shows in France. Madaa Creative Center explained that “Dandara” group left Palestine and headed to France to present “Hip Hop” shows. The group members will also meet with other artistic groups in France and share with them the current situation in the city of Jerusalem in general and Silwan in particular especially what the children are suffering from such as arrests, assaults and prevention of their simplest rights in addition to the lack of classrooms, playgrounds and parks in their neighbourhoods. The participants are: Ali Maswadeh, Hidaya Banna, Mahmoud Qawasmi, Rawan Tawil, Tayma’ Fteiha and Nasim Abu Shameh and are accompanied with two of the Center’s staff, Majd Gheith and Tala Sarhan.  

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