Clashes renew in the city of Jerusalem and the injury of a woman
October 15, 2014

Clashes renewed on Wednesday night in the villages and neighborhoods of Jerusalem in support of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem. Clashes broke out in Al-Wad Street between the Israeli forces and young men and the soldiers raided the African Quarter near Al-Majles Gate and fired sound grenades and rubber bullets towards the residents. The 22-year old woman Marwa Idris was injured with a rubber bullet in her back and her 17-year old Mahmoud suffered a fracture in his leg according to the head of Prisoner’s Club in Jerusalem, Naser Qos. Clashes also renew in Shu’fat refugee camp near the military checkpoint and the forces randomly fired tear gas and sound grenades in addition to rubber bullets and one young man was injured with a rubber bullet in his chest and another suffocated; note that clashes also renewed in the neighborhood of Al-Tur on Wednesday night.