The Israeli forces raid “Silwan Boys Secondary School”
October 28, 2014

The Israeli forces raided on Tuesday the courtyard and the building of Silwan Boys Secondary School under the pretext of looking for stone-throwers; the police assaulted and pushed some teachers during the raid. The Students’ Parents Committee in Silwan condemned the raid which created a state of fear among the students and disrupted their school day. He committee ensured the illegality of the break-in according to a decision issued by an Israeli court. The committee requested the Jerusalem municipality which is in charge of the school to quickly intervene and stop this from happening again as it negatively affects the students and their education and it confirmed that they are looking into holding urgent meeting to take the necessary procedures. The Secretary of the District Committee in Silwan, Issam Abbasi, explained that the forces raided the school on Tuesday and assaulted the teachers under a false pretext; note that the break-in was concurrent with the students’ break which created chaos among the students especially that they are between the ages of 13-14 years. Abbasi added that the Israeli forces have been stationed every day in the Schools’ street in Ras Al-Amoud to provoke the students while they’re heading to and leaving from their schools. Abbasi also pointed out that the Israeli forces raided the same school twice last year and arrested one of the teachers for unjustified reasons.

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