In pictures: Murdering the free prisoner Mou’taz Hijazi after surrounding him on the roof of his house
October 30, 2014

The Israeli forces murdered on Thursday morning the 32-year old freed prisoner Mou’taz Hijazi after surrounding him on the roof of his house. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Israeli forces (masked forces, police, Intelligence and Musta’ribeen) raided the neighborhood of Al-Thori in the early morning hours and surrounded all of its entrances. They went on top of the roofs of the houses near the Hijazi family house. The residents of Al-Thori explained that the Israeli forces fired shots towards Hijazi while he was on the roof of his house and then raided his house after making sure he was shot. They assaulted the Martyr by throwing “water heating” equipment on him to make sure he was dead. Witnesses confirmed that the forces murdered Hijazi and directly targeted him. Violent clashes broke out in the neighborhood in response to the Martyrdom of Hijazi. After murdering Hijazi, the young men attempted to reach him and try to save him but the forces rubber bullets towards them and led to the injury of 15 young men in which four of them were transferred to the hospital. Violent clashes also broke out in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud after the Martyrdom of Hijazi and the forces tried to break-into Ras Al-Amoud School but the administrative and education committee confronted them; note that the forces broke the windows of the school. Wadi Hilweh Center was also informed that the forces detained the Martyr’s body for several hours and then allowed the Palestinian Red Crescent to transfer him from the area and then detained their vehicle.

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