The injury of Ahmad l-Ghoul and transferring him for treatment while under arrest
June 4, 2015

Te head of Fateh Youth in Jerusalem, Ahmad Al-Ghoul, suffered severe bruises and pain in his arm and burns in his face after he was assaulted and sprayed with pepper gas while being arrested. Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, explained that the occupation forces assaulted Ahmad Al-Ghoul with beating and pepper gas during arresting and detaining him. Later on, Ahmad suffered severe pain in his arm which was also swollen and also suffered burns in his face; he was transferred to the hospital for treatment while being handcuffed. The occupation police extended on Wednesday night the arrest of three young men for 24 hours. they are: Ahmad Al-Ghoul, Samer Abu Eisheh and Tarek Zidani. 11272180_10204535601367016_1360103008_n 11121889_10204535601047008_337649210_n 11418302_10204535601727025_675524414_n