The Martyrdom of the stabbing attacker in Jerusalem
October 4, 2015

The spokesman of Israeli paramedics announced the Martyrdom of a Palestinian young man with Israeli police’s fire after he carried out a stabbing attack against a group of settlers in Al-Wad Street in the Old City of Jerusalem; two other settlers were announced dead. The Israeli police said that the attacker is 19-year old Mohannad Shafiq Halabi from Ramallah; he passed away after being shot. Police also said in a statement that Israeli forces shot an Arab young man and critically injured him after he stabbed and shot settlers resulting in more than one critical injury. Witnesses said that the Palestinian young man stabbed two Israeli in Al-Wad Street. One settler tried to shoot the young man managed to steal the settlers’ gun and shoot him. An infantry force immediately arrived and exchanged fire with the young man; one soldier was injured while the young man suffered critical injuries and was announced deal afterwards. The occupation forces turned the city of Jerusalem into a military camp and prevented people from entering the Old City of Jerusalem and emptied the markets and neighborhoods of any pedestrians. They also attacked and assaulted any young man in the streets. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the forces established iron barriers at all of Al-Aqsa gates and closed some of the roads leading to them. 12077267_10153052599182466_781289468_n 12067764_10153052599332466_1161996641_n 5 12077362_10153052599267466_1023238674_n 3 2 1